Post Production

Post production is the most important process of making a video. This step is where everyones hard work comes together to make the final look and feel of the film. Because of this we use software that we can trust and that has been used to create the films we all know and love. Using both Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve we are certain we can make the perfect video for you.

 Premiere Pro is used as our main editing software to cut and slash the video into place. Adobe Premiere has been used to edit films such as Act of Valor, Deadpool, Gone Girl and The Social Network just to name a few. 

 If you are looking to take your video to the next level, color grading inside of DaVinci Resolve is how your are going to accomplish that. DaVinci Resolve is used in nearly every movie you see for a good reason, it gives us filmmakers far more control of the overall look of the video.



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Post production

Editing, Sound Design and Color Grading